NO BULL PREMIUM TAURINE proudly endorses original thinkers, artists and designers that push the boundaries of their discipline and try to change the world. We work on ways to 'power' and 'energise' our sponsored talents, who are both our medium and our supporter, our client and our athlete.

"Our lives are hyper-real, and we feel the urge to continuously pimp, remix, recollect our own identity," says Pieterjan Ginckels. "As such, I see myself as an embedded outsider, playing with ambivalences in speed and authenticity." The Belgian artist's work concerns itself with the acceleration of modern life and he demonstrates this through exhibitions and experiences that interweave spatial, artistic and design practice, and everything in between. Performative in nature, Ginckels received attention for his installation PISTE, a velodrome within a museum, and S.P.A.M. Office, a surreal office environment dedicated to finding order within the detritus of electronic communication. (ICON Magazine, 'Future 50,' 2013)


David M. Brear is the CEO and co-founder of 11:FS, a firm he dubs a "challenger consultancy" but admits he hates the term consultancy which evokes thoughts of rate cards and someone borrowing your watch to tell you the time. I think of 11:FS as a new "venture builder", comfortable and capable of working with anyone in the global financial services ecosystem who has a desire to do things right. After an outstanding maiden year, 11:FS boasts a handful of project partnerships in London, New York and Singapore, a research platform, and a media business, all from a bootstrapped startup operating out of Starbucks. (, 2018)


Julien De Smedt of JDS Architects is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed architect with an unconventional approach to design, always working to challenge the existing norms. He currently runs offices in Brussels, Copenhagen and Stockholm. "At a time when ideology and idealism is being challenged more than ever the realm of ideas and concepts as a possible path to progress is worthy of exploration, revisiting and even recovering those beams of optimism which, even if they fell by the wayside, lit up the road along the way," says De Smedt in Built Unbuilt, a 328-page book recently published by Frame Publishers. The book spans 16 years of De Smedt's career, which includes a stint at Rem Koolhaas' firm OMA and running a studio with Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, prior to establishing his practice JDS Architects in 2006. (, 2018)